Since 1978

Why You Should Buy from Chapin’s

(1) Who we are…

  • Beginning with his first shed, which he built for himself in 1978, our founder Mike Chapin has sold and installed well over 42,000 small buildings.  Chapin’s Wood Products started as a small, backyard, one person business, and has grown to become one of the largest retailers of sheds in New England.

(2) We’re Local

  • We're family owned and involved in the business everyday
  • We're your neighbors who know the area and the local requirements

(3)Largest Selection Anywhere

  • Over 30 models on display

(4) Professional Service

  • Selling sheds is our full time business
  • This website is our only form of advertising
  • 90% of our sales come from referrals by our satisfied customers
  • We’ll sell you what you really are looking for, not what they want you to buy

(5) Competetive Prices

  • Our no pressure, no haggle sales approach makes shopping here a pleasant experience.
  • Our prices average 26% less than those big box stores
  • Compare “apples to apples” and you’ll be surprised that the “Little Guy” has better quality and is less expensive.


Is your garage or shed CLUTTERED?

Our in store “Buy the Right Size Guide” will help you choose the shed to fit your needs

Example of our 12’x14’ set-up

Suggestion:      Take all of the STUFF you want to put in your new shed, lay it out
                        in your yard and measure it’s required area.  This will give you a good
                        idea of what size you need.

“A place for everything and everything in its place"

At Chapin’s you get the right shed at the best value………Stop In

You'll notice that we don't sell our sheds online; we believe that spending thousands of dollars for something you haven't touched or felt is financial suicide.
  "I almost bought my shed online from one of those out of state companies, and then I went to Chapin's whose friendly,easy to deal with staff helped me get the right shed size. I'm sure glad I bought from the local guy. Bruce S. Halifax, MA"  

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